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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Sloan Media’s pay per click management (PPC) services involve paid advertising placements as sponsored results in search engine rankings, and social media sites such as Facebook. PPC provides for almost immediate exposure for your website on search engines, content networks, and individual websites in keyword-targeted ad placements.

How PPC Campaigns Work?

As an advertiser you bid on specific and relevant keyword phrases, where your placement is directly related to your bid amount, and your ad will appear in a variety of places including:

  • Search engine ranking pages, as sponsored listings related to search results.
  • On large content networks displaying contextual ads, and offering content relevant to your targeted keywords.
  • On individual websites displaying similar contextual ads with relevant content and keywords.

Benefits of PPC Management

There are many ways you and your company can benefit from professional PPC management:

  • The advertiser can set a specific campaign budget as well as budget per click.
  • The advertiser can often choose the type of sites (or even specific sites) where their advertisements will appear.
  • PPC advertising can lead to a lower cost-per-conversion than other advertising models.

Why Hire a Professional for your Online PPC Management?

Pay per click campaign management can take a lot of time due to the keyword research required, and not all advertisers will know how to choose the best phrases to target. As a result, it’s generally more productive to hire a PPC management expert to handle pay per click campaigns. Here are additional reasons to consider hiring an PPC professional:

  • Online advertising professionals know how to research the best keyword phrase options for your bidding, based on other bid level, how often the terms are searched for, and more.
  • PPC professionals understand variations in PPC campaigns, such as “broad matching” your bid, to have your ad displayed in similar relevant results.
  • PPC marketing can be very complicated, when dealing with thousands of variations and keywords, and optimizing ads for each.
  • PPC professionals will take the time to test variations and monitor results for you, to ensure the best PPC campaign results.

Sloan Media offers dedicated PPC research, Google AdWords Campaign Management, Facebook Ads Management, competition and campaign management to increase the ROI for your company’s online marketing efforts. If you would like to learn more about pay-per-click marketing and online advertising, please visit our search engine marketing blog, which covers not only PPC, but also search engine optimisation and all of the relevant ethical and technical caveats that go with them. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our PPC management services or your company’s Pay Per Click Advertising needs.

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