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Are you interested in getting more eyeballs to your offers.

We specialize in Direct Response Marketing using the following online marketing techniques that get more buyers for your products and services:

PPC - pay-per-click is trading targeted traffic for money $$$. This is the fastest, and most effective way to get things rolling. Google, Bing / MSN, and Yahoo are the big players here. We offer complete campaign management solutions to fit any budget.

PPV - pay-per-view or CPV cost-per-view is similar to PPC in that we trade money for targeted traffic. The difference is that we buy impressions for your advertisements on permission based AdWare software applications that display Pop-Under browser windows. Do not confuse this with SpyWare. This is software installed with the users permission on a complete opt-in process. This is one of the most targeted, cost effective, under used forms of advertising available.

SEO - search engine optimization is the organic method of getting your site ready for natural free traffic. Focusing on the content and the keywords in your ad-copy pays off in more than one way. Your paid traffic will benefit with a better QS quality score as an added benefit.

High PR Link Building involves negotiating links from authority sources to your quality content, and this is what makes it all stay together long term. This is a prime component of SEO once you've optimized your site content for keywords.

Media Buys - specifically on-line media placement can work well when you start to build your own brand, and of course we can help you if you already have a brand. Generally this is for the big guys with big budgets, and recognizable brands. Let me show you how to get into this medium once you've explored the PPC medium and have converting offers.

affiliate marketing is best described as commissioned sales, like an insurance broker, or a car salesman - pure marketing sales for a piece of the action. Let me help you build a sales team of eager affiliates that will promote your offers for a piece of the action.

social media and Web2.0 has taken over the Internet world. twitter, facebook, myspace, digg, stumbleupon, wiki, Squidoo, Hub Pages... you name it - I can help. If you want to know what your customers are up to then you need to get up to speed with social media now.

Contact Sloan Media for a free analysis of your current situation. Knowing where to start can save you a lot of time and money.



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